Tarot Mentorship



I found tarot when I hit my first rock bottom. I just got out of a really bad relationship. I was abusing drugs and alcohol to numb my childhood pain.  I was lost within myself.

I remember picking up my first deck and instantly feeling a pull towards my ancestors. Memories flashed in my head filled with ancient techniques of healing. I knew I had connected to something deeper, something more profound.

Slowly with this practice and these teaching, I learned about myself. That lost little girl was now supported on multiple dimensions. I learned to love myself, trust my intuition, talk to my spirit guides, talk to my lost loved one, and so much more.

We will be learning the history of tarot, how to read tarot, techniques to connect you to your intuition, channeling practices, astrology, weekly practices and much more.

This mentorship group will begin on October 6th, once the Sun and Moon enter Libra. We will be meeting individually and in a group setting (via zoom.)


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