Birth Chart Reading

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This option is a full birth chart reading; breaking down the 12 houses, each planet, and so much more. We will then do a 1 hr follow up live together answer any questions you might have. Birth chart readings allow me to tune into how you are currently manifesting your authentic being. What is your soul purpose? What are some strength and weaknesses? How can you vibrate at your fullest potential.

2 reviews for Birth Chart Reading

  1. Melissa

    Had an amazing experience getting a birth chart reading with Whitley! It was so neat to see what my chart had to say, she did such an amazing and thorough job explaining it all to me. Her customer service was amazing as well, I definitely recommend getting a reading by her!

  2. Karen

    I first came to Whitley for a tarot card reading back in November 2020 and was amazed by the accuracy of the information she gave to me. One of the first things to strike me about Whitley was the way she made the reading comprehensible and easy to understand, her kindness is second to none and she was open to any questions i had after the reading and she was extremely welcoming.

    After this experience I decided to go back for a birth chart reading and WOW! it really blew me away! The accuracy of this reading was insane and it really helped me understand or confirm certain events or characteristics that i have had or portrayed throughout my life so far, and has helped me learn more about myself so i can avoid past mistakes and behaviours. It was like having an astrological mirror held up to me. Whitley does a great job of interpreting the chart in a way that is understandable and relatable to you. She knew very accurate things about me just from the chart, which I could later confirm to her in the follow up call. I can highly recommend a birth chart reading with Whitley, if you are curious to develop yourself, learn about your houses, and look inward this is the reading for you. Plus, it doesn’t stop there, Whitley schedules a catch up call with you after your reading where she answers any questions you may have, and does a tarot reading too! 
    Invest in yourself, get a birth chart reading – you will not be dissapointed.

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