Sacred Soulology for Healing & Empowerment.

This is an 8-week group and individual online program created to heal and empower you. This course consists of transpersonal practices, therapeutic inspired coaching, and community support. We will explore astrology, tarot, hypnosis, yoga, meditation and so much more. We will be awakening our soul’s purpose and healing anything standing in the way of full embodiment.

Limited scholarships and additional payment plans available. Email me for more information.

Course Curriculum

Week 1: 

Ancient Practice of Divination

Learning about Tarot & Starting A Spiritual Practice

Learning How to Read & Spreads

Connecting to Your Intuition.

Week 2:

Awakening to The Cosmos

Birth Chart Exploration 

Planets for Awakening

Your Soul Journey through the Houses

Week 3: 

Meeting Your Spiritual Guides

Spirit Guide Meditation

Maintaining A Relationship With Your Guides

Communication Exercise 

Week 4:

Inner Child Journey

Inner Child Archetypes

Inner Child Hypnosis

Maintaining A Relationship With Your Inner Child 

Week 5:

Womb Awakening & Feminine Embodiment

Awakening Your Womb

Clearing Out Your Sacred Temple 

Maintaining a Relationship

Week 6: 

Healing Your Energy Space

Your Love Language & Self-Care

Yoga for Awakening

Protection Meditation & Boundaries

Week 7:

Your Soul Purpose

Desires & Your “WHY”

Embodiment & Dance

Imposter Syndrome

Week 8:

Invitation & Integration

Invitation Through Trauma

EFT & Tapping

Full Moon Ceremony

Closing Ceremony

I’m so honored to share these transpersonal practices and offer a safe place to connect to mind, body & soul. This program is therapeutic inspired and will explore transpersonal practices through the lens of mental health.

Feminine Embodiment: Healing Sexual Trauma.

Sacred Surrender: A Journey with Grief.