Welcome to The Soulflower Collective

Happy to finally announce the launch The Soulflower Collective. Most of you know this by now but for the past year I have been experiencing extreme grief. I lost myself in pain and sadness. I dived deep into the transpersonal realm of trying to heal myself. I got the idea to start a platform where I can combine these more difficult aspects of myself and transpersonal exploration. The Soulflower Collective is a space that will offer community through ceremony and shared space. I want this to be a platform to talk about mental wellbeing and explore what that looks like from a transpersonal lens.

The name soul flower came to me because I was inspired to do this work after my sisters passing. Her favorite flower was a sunflower and her personality definitely matched that. When she died a piece of my soul died.  By using different transpersonal practices I have been able to slowly start to piece together my new definition of self. 

The Soulflower is a collective of different modalities with one goal in mind, to connect back to self. The focus of this platform is to provide a safe space to explore all aspects of our experience whether that be joy or sadness or both. The Soulflower Collective will open up a topic each week to dive deeper into our experience and emotions.

Every Monday, we will be providing the topic of the week along with a weekly podcast featuring a special guest. On Wednesday ‘s, we will be releasing a weekly astrology and tarot check in. 

I will be offering spots for transpersonal coaching sessions via online or in person. If you enroll with Resilient Rose Coaching we will explore all aspects of your being. This could look like diving into your birth chart, talking about astrology, developing a meditation practice, working with crystal/oils, tapping into your psychic abilities, befriending your intuition and so much more. By navigating life through a transpersonal lens we will open up our minds and connect with the divine energy of the universe. I can personally say by developing a transpersonal practice I was able to navigate my grief in way that offered healing on a levels of my experience. 

Not interested in weekly coaching sessions then you can book a Sacred Sunflower Reading. These readings will consist of a birth chart or tarot reading individually. These sessions vary in price and time depending on what you are looking for. Check out my Tarot and Astrology page for more information.

The Soulflower Collective will be hosting events offering a sacred space for community and exploration. We have two upcoming events in Morgantown, WV at The Mindbody Center. 

December 20, 2019- Goddess Circle from 6-8pm

December 21, 2019- Cacao Ceremony from 6-8pm

For more information please check our Events Page. 

I am so excited for this launch and have been working so hard to create this platform. I truly feel that this is my souls work and I feel honored to connect with all of you. Of course I want to end with dedicating this business to my sister Brieanne Rose. You have always inspired me to live a path lead with the heart and most importantly to love with all of my being. I miss you so much and dedicate this path of healing to you, my sweet sunflower. 

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