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Welcome to The Soulflower Collective. This weeks theme is all about inner wisdom. This topic is very fitting for me right now because I am processing a huge ego death. I have been shifting a lot of moving pieces and redefining my souls journey. I lost trust in myself and disconnected to my intuition.

What is blocking you from trusting yourself?

What emotions come up for you around change?

This week as we dive deep into our souls experience I want you to reflect on these two question.


The Hermit is the 9th card in the major arcana represents spirituality, growth, internal reflection. The hermit shows up at a time when we need to tap into our souls experience and look for inner guidance. Stop looking outside yourself for the answers, everything you need, you have inside you. The Hermit works with introspection and contemplation around the values that we hold. This card can mean that there is a sheding of old values that no longer serve you. You are moving closer to your authentic self by tuning in to your internal guidance instead of listening to others for advice or opinions. This card comes at a time in your life of transformation and new direction. By using meditation, contemplation and inner exploration you will begin to develop a new sense of self beyond old identities. You are turning away from the physical world and on a journey through the subconscious. 

“Oh yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it you can either run from it or learn from it.”  I like to think about the Hermit as Rafiki from The Lion King. This card represents the wise soul within each of us. Rafiki is encouraging Simba to look within and find the answers he is seeking. He is holding space for Simba to embrace change and embody fear. Even though change is scary, we have to move through fear to become the best version of ourselves. 

 Amazonite helps in guiding us to speak our truth. As we move into Scorpio season energy is shifting towards passion and truth.  Amazonite known as the lucky hope stone and aids in dreams/desires. This crystal works specifically with the heart charka and assists in manifesting love. Amazonite is great for transmuting negative energy into something more productive. This crystal is amazing for creative blocks and getting in touch with your truth. By soothing anger and frustration, Amazonite heals emotional trauma. Place Amazonite on your throat and repeat a mantra of truth out loud. You can also place this crystal on your heart and breath deeply while visualizing dreams or desires. 

Frankincense is an amazing oil if you want to open up a space to communicate with other realms. It is a powerful aid in lifting the veil and providing connection with the divine. This oil is often used in prayer or meditation. Frankincense aids in releasing habitual patterns or unhealthy behavior. You can defuse this oil or combine with a carrier oil and apply on your third eye. Frankincense can be taken internally by adding drops to water, a veggie cap or under the tongue. 

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