Weekly Reading 11/4/19

Week Two. Ten of Swords


This weeks reading is working with grief, loss, betrayal, and pain. This card can be hard to look at and bring up all kinds of emotions. At first glance you see a guy with swords in his back. He looks like he was betrayed and hurt. The ten of swords represents an ending that was unexpected. When this card appears it can suggest an ending or stepping into the role of a victim. It can bring up feelings like your world falling apart or you feel out of control over someone else actions. Most importantly this card represents change and transition. The pain you are experiencing is not without purpose. In pain we find growth and transition. With each painful experience, we are one step closer to true self.

Where are you experiencing pain?

What emotions are behind the pain?

How can you move this pain through you?

Oregano- Clears negative energy and any unhealthy attachment to memories. Helps you move through pain and let go of things that are no longer meant to go forward with you. I like to add a couple of drops to my favorite soup or to a clearing spray. Before meditation spray the room with this mixture while visualizing a clear white light flowing all around you in protection. 

Titanium Cobalt Blue Quartz-This stunning crystal is all about spiritual connection and guidance. Colbalt quartz stimulates the third eye and throat chakra. This crystal removes restlessness, and easies transition from personal to spiritual work.You can meditate with this placed on your third eye or throat and wear it on a necklace for energetic clearing. 

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