Transpersonal Coaching

I have been getting a lot of questions about what transpersonal coaching means. I provided a quick FAQ of my personal definition and services I offer.

What does Transpersonal Mean?

Transpersonal to me is working with aspects beyond our individual experience. I once heard an example of it described as the ocean. When you are on a boat in the ocean, you are observing different surface levels, things like other boats, waves, or possibly a fish here and there, however under the surface there is an entire world we can not see. Transpersonal experiences are the experiences that happen under the surface and explore aspects of ourselves that are normally unseen.

Still Confused?

If we think about our experience, it is typically made up of things we can see or our perception of life. However, our physical eyes are actually limited to what we can see in this world. The most basic example of this is how we use microscopes. Organism that are alive and existing in this experience yet we can’t see them. Therefore our perception is actually an illusion of what all exist in this world. We can only physically see a small percentage of what actually exist.

What is transpersonal coaching?

If you enroll in my transpersonal coaching we will explore all aspects of your being. This could look like diving into your birth chart, talking about astrology, developing a meditation practice, working with crystal/oils, tapping into your psychic abilities, befriending your intuition and so much more. By navigating life through a transpersonal lens we will open up our minds and connect with the divine energy of the universe. I can personally say by developing a transpersonal practice I was able to navigate my grief in way that offered healing on a levels of my experience. 

What did you learn this?

I have a Master’s Degree in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling and years experience in psychic development. I have trained with astrologers and gained a deeper relationship with the cosmos. I work intimately with plant medicine and currently studying with a shamanic teacher to hold sacred circles for healing.

I truly believe everyone can access a connection beyond this existence. We all have a connection to guides and psychic energies. Unforutnaley, in our society we are taught to fear the unknown and medicate our psychic energetic abilities. By retraining our thought patterns and connecting to energetic bodies we can see beyond the illusion of our ordinary living. 

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