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Palmistry is the art of studying yours hand to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Palmistry dates back to the Middle Ages and was originally studied to predict the future, Today palm readers use Palmistry to determine health, personality, past, present and future readings. 

I like to start my palm reading with a quick meditation. Sitting quietly, take five deep breaths, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Start to bring your attention to your hands. Notice the energy flowing through your palms and each fingertip. Next using right hand, gently cup your left hand. Start to notice the texture of your palm. Do you feel any lines? How about any ridges? Getting familiar with the shape and feeling of each finger mount. When you are ready, open your eyes and continue onto the next step. 

Next, you will want to get familiar with the shape of your hand. The four elements fire, water, air, and earth each represent a different shape. Which shape are you?

Fire (Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius)-Fire hands has a longer palm with shorter fingers. Fire hands are energetic and ambitious. They are passionate and driven. This sign tends to be hard worker and ego driven. Fire signs have a hard time finding a work-life balance. 

Water (Cancer, Pisces, & Scorpio)-Water hands are long palms with long fingers. If you are a water hand you are very intuitive. You are in tune with your emotions. Water signs often take on the role of therapist for your friends and are rooted in deep compassion.

Air (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius)- Air hands have a square palm with long fingers. Air hands represent intellect and introversion. They often take on jobs like engineers or philosophers. Air hands have a hard time communicating and analyze every situations. 

Earth (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn)-Earth hands have square palm and short fingers. This sign is someone who is practical and honest. Earth hands tend to be teachers or lawyers. They are rooted in their ways and it isn’t easy to shift their perspective.


The last exercise is identifying the heart, head, and life lines. These are the three predominate lines when you look down at your palm (two vertical and one horizontal.) 


☾THE HEART LINE- This is the first long line directly under your fingers. The heart line represents our ability to connect with emotions and how we express feelings to others. 

Is it straight or curved? 

Deeply curved– You are an intuitive soul. You pick up on the energies of others easily and are deeply connected with emotions. A deeply curved heart line means you are deeply connected to the heart. Your decisions are motivated by feelings and not intellectual processing. 

Curved-You are friendly and likable. You have a compassionate energy and are a reliable friend. This curve represents half connected to heart and half connected to head. You will sometimes lead with your heart and others with your mind.

Straight-You have a difficult time expressing emotions and tend to be analytical. You chose the logical path and love structure. Though you have a strong connection to your mind, you can connect with your heart with some proper guidance. 

☾THE HEAD LINE- This line is directly under your heart line. The head line embodies a persons intellect so whether they are rational or intuitive  thinker.

Where does it start?

Does it start at your middle finger(Saturn finger)?You are independent and ambitious. You tend to be a good mixture of both intuition and intellect. This may represent an occupation like a entrepreneur or business owner. 

Does it start between index finger and base of thump? You are a cautious person and tend to stay on the safe side. You always like to have a plan and structure. You may have a future as a teacher or like work in a structured 8-5 job. 

Start below the life line? You are sometimes shy and introverted. Though you can handle being out at a party you really enjoy recharging at home watching a movie.  This can represent our engineers or computer based job. You might be a writer, designer, or software guru. 

Ends below your middle finger(Saturn finger)? You are set in your ways and it is hard to change your mindset. The career associated with this ending is typically people who work in sales or lawyers. You like to be front in center in every discussion and will argue both sides.

Ends below ring finger(Apollo finger)?You are artistic and creative. This can represent being an artist or using your creativity in the work space. You use your intuition as a guiding force in life.

Ends below pinky finger(mount of mars)- This can represent a lack of confidence and someone who is always in their head. You can often be impulsive and fun to be around. Your impulse is what draws people to your vibrant energy. 

Ends down your palm(mount of moon)-imagination and depression. This ending tends to be therapists, counselors, or coaches. You aren’t afraid to talk about your feelings and emotions. 

☾THE LIFE LINE- This line is directly under your head line and typically vertical instead of horizontal. The life line is all about your life path. What is difficult and what brings you joy.

Where does it start?

Starts at index finger (Jupiter finger)? ambitious, driven, passionate. You are ambitious and very passionate. You are independent and multipletasker. Work burnout is something to be weary on here. You will work, work work, until you physically feel depleted. Your passion for life will be your connection to others.

Starts between index and base of thumb?average amount of ambition and drive. You have average ambition and drive. You often seek to others to motivate and support you. You go through phases of feeling inspired and then feeling not good enough. 

Start joined to head line? lack of confidence but close with family. You are close with your family and they are a huge part of your identity. You may not move far from your loved ones and will be just as success staying near your home roots. 

Starts at base of thumb? practices of life, philosophy. You like to study and learn. You may further your education multiple times throughout your life either at university or with certifications. You have an opened mind and are always asking the “Why”.

Ends curved around thumb?– a happy home life is essential. You are a free spirit and need family and support close by. You are connected to your emotions and recharge by spending time with your loved ones. 

Ends down your palm(mount of moon)- You were born a traveler. You love to experience different cultures and you find beauty in the difficult path. With your curve ending at the mount of moon, you are deeply connected to emotions. You aren’t afraid to talk about your needs and wants. 

Palmistry is an amazing tool to deepen your connection with your inner being and the universe. We only studied the main three lines however there is much more to study. Each finger is associated with a specific planet. For example, our index finger is known as the Jupiter finger. You can study the meaning of the planet Jupiter and what your specific length means for your Jupiter energy. 

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