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When we think of astrology we associate it with our horoscope or the study of our star sign. Our star sign is determined by the zodiac constellation that the sun is in front of at the time we are born. For example, If you are an Aquarius like me, the sun was in front of the star constellation of Aquarius at the time of my birth.

A persons star sign is determined by the zodiac constellation the sun is in front of at the time of their birth. If we could see the stars during the day we could see that the sun slowly moves from one zodiac sign to another as it completes its cycle around the sky every year. This is no longer accreicate as it goes by the zodiac constellation thousands of years ago and not current constellations. The sun spends one month in each star sign.

If we are getting really specific in this blog post, our zodiac signs are actually not accurate anymore. The originally zodiac constellations were studying and created based on their positions more than a thousand years ago and have since shifted and moved. Currently, each constellation is has shifted more than a month than when it was originally studied. 

Does it really matter? No it doesn’t effect your horoscope or birth chart etc. This is because the star constellations are still in the same order and cross the suns path in the same direction every year, therefore the energy will still be the same. 


Anyways lets get back to business, what does your sign say about you? and why does it matter? 

Our planets symbolize different universal energies which can effect our psychological makeup. If you have ever had a birth chart reading you quickly learn that planets shape different aspects of our personalities, our relationships, and our connection to the world.

 There are twelve signs of the zodiac and the cycle starts with Aries and ends with Pisces. Below is a breakdown of each sign and meaning.

♈︎ Aries- THE RAM. 

The Aries represents the horns of the ram this indicates the urge towards impulsive self assertive actions and desires of new endeavors and power and vitality. Aries embodies the spirit of a pioneer they are very determined. They will communicate their needs and wants. Aries is a representation of manifestation in life. Aries are about self awareness intend to be self centered they have a use for embrace. They tend to be impatient and daring and they’re always the first to be outs in the front lines. If you are an Aries you are all about action and initiative. Like the Ram, you are always pushing forward and tend to be on guard. You sometimes act impulsive. 

Aries is the 11th biggest zodiac constellation.

♉︎ Taurus- THE BULL. Taurus is an unusual sign because there is some balance associated with the Bull. It is calm and collected until provoked and then it is hard to control. Taurus can represent stability and admiration but on the flip side being reactive and up front. Taurus like to move through life with certainty and stability. Taurus is a highly capable sign they have a truly sweet and likable demeanor they are laid-back and comfortable until provoked and then they will charge with full force and become unstoppable. 

Taurus is the 6th biggest zodiac constellation. 

♊︎ Gemini- THE TWINS. Just like twins, Gemini are great communicators. They love interacting with people and genuneily thrive on connection. interaction. They have very good awareness and at times can be adaptable.  The Gemini works with both the intellectual and creative mind. Geminis often make great teachers and are always in a phase of learning. Geminis can be known as verbal magicians as they use words needs ideas all to convey their life experiences. Gemini is content to be in their heads a lot creating a lot of insecurity and vulnerability. 

They seek secure relationships and a balance between the brain and the heart. They tend to be multitaskers with quick mind and with.Gemini’s  tend to be speaker is a writers or bridging the connection with how people communicate. 

Gemini is the 8th biggest zodiac constellation. 

♋︎ Cancer- THE CRAB. Cancer’s are very protective and cautious. Like a crab, they can be some what aggressive to protect the things they love. They are always quick moving energy and contentment. Cancers are a  reflective sign as they will often retreat instead of confront. They often percent like the crab where they are very hard on the outside and they have a very soft and emotional inside. Cancers seek security and are loyal. The cancer energy is very moody and highly sensitive. They want to save and help everyone. They tend to be defensive because they were their hearts on their sleeve.

Cancer is the 9th biggest zodiac constellation. 

♌︎ Leo- THE LION. This sign is one of the most true to the animal it embodies, like a lion, Leo is about dominion, power, attention, and strength. 

The lion energy is open and dramatic. They are forceful and protective. This is a very generous sign and works a lot with needing a sense of strong family life and a role in society or needing to have a meeting in life.  Leo’s demand respect and they are very warm hearted and they get hurt very deeply. 

Leo is the 12th largest zodiac constellation.

♍︎ Virgo- THE VIRGIN. Virgo is about being introspection and discipline.  Virgo are perfectionist and very critical of themselves. They are very hard workers and have a good work ethic. They tend to have high expectations and like to be of service to others. 

Virgo is the largest zodiac constellation. 

♎︎ Libra-THE SCALES. Libra is all about balance, harmony and love. Libra embodies harmony relationships balance social values and justice. Libra often works with humanitarian level of achievement. Human interconnectedness and interactions are there driving force in motivation. Libra stress social norms and values. Libra’s often can go to great lengths to fit in and have a Chamaeleon energy of merging into different things to fit different situations. 

Libra is the 7th biggest zodiac constellation. 

♏︎ Scorpio-THE SCORPION. Scorpio is an in-depth sign that represents transformation and knowledge. Scorpio reminds us of very basic human elements like sex, birth, survival & death. Scorpios can represent attachment and possessiveness. They also represent courage and connectedness. Scorpios tend to be obsessive and compulsive and they can come across as intimidating but they are deeply connected then they would lead to believe.

Scorpio is the 10th biggest zodiac constellation. 

♐︎ Sagittarius- THE ARCHER. Saggittarius is a warrior spirit. This sign represents wisdom, understand and drive.  Sagittarius is another intellectual sign however they are more on the spiritual metaphysical side of intellect. Sagittarians have a need for our adventure and they are very honest open and direct. sagittarius are the truth seekers and adventurers they are highly energetic and inspirational they tend to be teachers preachers philosophical leaders think about Yoda.

Sagittarius is the 5th biggest zodiac constellation.

♑︎ Capricorn- THE GOAT.  Capricorn is all about order, responsibility and structure. Capricorns symbolizes the authority and being task oriented.  Capricorn they’re very rule oriented and they aren’t right down to business. They are practical and realistic versus being a dreamer and they often come across as older than they are or intellectually mature. 

Capricorn is the smallest zodiac constellation.

♒︎ Aquarius-THE WATER CARRIER.  Aquarius is the one of the most unique signs in the zodiac. This sign represents freedom and thinking outside the box. Aquarians can be almost too rebellious as they lose sight of society. Aquarians are highly original and convey new ideas and are very inventive. They are all about humanitarian causes and living a live from the heart.

Aquarius is the 2nd biggest zodiac constellation. 

♓︎ Pisces-  THE FISH. This sign is sometimes known as the psychic sign. It represents a connection beyond the physical realm. If you are a pisces you are emotional and compassionate.  Pisces is one of the most sensitive signs and they tend to be the most psychic, empathic and intuitive. Pisces need grounding to maintain their presents on earth and they’re like psychic sponges so they tend to have no energetic boundaries.

Pisces is the 4th biggest zodiac constellation. 

Check out my podcast Astrology 101. The 12 Zodiac signs. Stay tuned for our next Astrology blog all about how to read your astrological birth chart!

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